The mission of the University of New England’s UNE Advocacy Chapter of the American Association of University Professors AAUP @ UNE is to advance academic freedom and shared governance at UNE to define fundamental professional values and standards for our faculty to promote the economic and intellectual security of all faculty, academic professionals, and all those engaged in teaching and research at UNE to help the faculty organize to make our goals a reality and to ensure UNE’s contribution to the common good.

The University of New England Advocacy Chapter of the American Association of University Professors AAUP @ UNE was formed in response to local and national trends towards the commodification of higher education. In particular, we have two major goals.

First, we want to ensure the highest quality educational experience for our students. We believe that this requires an engaged and empowered faculty. The faculty should be made up of: scholarly leaders in a variety of fields to ensure our curricula are up to date with modern standards and provide students first hand experience with the skills of their field, experts in pedagogy and assessment to guide our teaching practice and skilled mentors to advise and support our students. These faculty need to be committed to the University and our mission and therefore require an equivalent commitment to their security and professional development.

Second, we want to provide a venue for faculty to come together to develop issues of collective concern to be addressed by the university community We will engage in discussion regarding the culture and practices at UNE, investigate national trends and best practices and reach consensus regarding potential solutions to the issues that most affect faculty. Members of this group will engage in mutual support to advocate for a strong faculty voice, traditional academic protections and the incorporation of best practices supporting high quality education and scholarship. Our tools will include advocacy through UNE’s faculty assemblies, leadership meetings and other existing mechanisms as defined by UNE’s faculty handbook.

As a chapter, our primary responsibility is to advocate for best practices in higher education for the benefit of our students, our colleagues and our professions. Our values include transparency, mutual respect, mutual support and acting with integrity and rigor in all of our pursuits. By ensuring the highest quality standards in our faculty and supporting true shared governance, we will help ensure our ability to recruit, educate, graduate and place students into meaningful and fulfilling professional positions well into the future