AAUP @ UNE Letter to Presidential Search Committee

On January 10, 2017, in response to the UNE Presidential Search Committee’s January 3 announcement of a hybrid search for the in-person interview phase, AAUP & UNE shared a letter with the committee and the campus community. In particular, UNE’s AAUP advocacy chapter members expressed significant reservations regarding┬áthe representativeness of the stakeholders and its decision to hand-pick the supplemental faculty members for the in-person interview phase of the search.

An image of the letter appears below, followed by a link to the original PDF version of the letter.

AAUPUNE's response to Presidential Search Committee's January 3, 2017, announcement of a hybrid search.
Image of AAUP & UNE’s January 10, 2017, letter to UNE Presidential Search Committee. Select the link below for a high-quality PDF scan of the letter.