AAUP Chapter Meeting – September 23, 2016


The first UNE AAUP Advisory Chapter open meeting takes place on September 23 from noon to 1. 

Biddeford Campus Location: Pickus 214

Portland Campus Location: Pharmacy Dean’s Conference Room 123

The purpose of the chapter meeting is to get the word out that we are not a collective bargaining chapter, that we hope to work within the existing system, and that our modest goals are to enhance the quality of our educational programs by strengthening the role of faculty at the institution. This is also a great place for existing chapter members to network and discover how to integrate into our efforts. 

This meeting is open to all faculty of the University.   

Anyone seeking to join the email list should contact Thomas McLaughlin, Ph.D., UNE AAUP Chapter Secretary at chalmersmclaughlin@gmail.com